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Donate For Child Education & Save Tax
Donate To India's Best NGO for Child Education & Save Tax | NarayanSevaSansthan
  15 Dec'2021

Donating for a cause brings a sense of satisfaction in knowing that you are the reason behind
someone’s smile. While there are several good causes that one can contribute to in various ways,
with more than 30 million abandoned children in India, there are many NGOs that need donations
for the education of children. Educating children and ensuring proper development for them helps
ensure the country’s future as well.
Sponsoring a child’s education not only helps the child but is good for society as a whole as well as
education is synonymous with all-around development. Empowering underprivileged children in the
realm of education can help them live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life with their families and
become contributing members of the society.
In helping make the world a better place, the government of India too has taken several initiatives
that promote social work and a sense of social responsibility among the citizens of the country. One
such initiative is the provision of tax exemptions on donations made to registered charitable
institutions and NGOs.

How to Donate for Child Education
There are many ways in which one can contribute towards helping underprivileged children
complete their education. These include:
Donations Made towards School Fee
Donating the school fee is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about sponsoring a child’s
education. This kind of donation allows the improvement of access and quality of education for
children in need through donations made by people.
Donations that go towards school fees may or may not include the costs of books, uniforms, and
other school supplies children require apart from their enrollment fee.
Sponsoring Uniform, Study Material
If you are wondering how to donate for child education apart from sponsoring the school fee, you
can consider sponsoring the uniform, study material, or other school supplies children need. There
are many children who manage to afford the school fee or manage to get free admissions into
educational institutions but are unable to furnish the money for study material and other supplies.
One can make donations that go towards fulfilling such requirements and provide funds for an
underprivileged child’s better education as well as overall development.

Donate for Skill Development
Narayan Seva Sansthan also has schools that focus on the skill development of children, so they can
become contributing members of society. One can also donate towards the fee for such training
institutes that help interested children gain more knowledge and build bright futures.

Why You Should Donate for Child Education
Education is not just about going to school or reading books. It teaches us to live life in the right
manner. An educated person knows how to be patient, manage time, and especially knows the
importance of following basic ethics in life. Kids whose parents can afford to give them quality
education are very lucky but what about those who cannot?
So many children in India are still struggling with their right to education, which more than a
necessity is a fundamental right. With no access to even basic education, these children are forced
to fend for themselves for their daily bread and butter, where some choose to beg, and others are
put into child labour.
You too can help provide them with the opportunity they need to grow; all you need to do is look for
NGOs near you who are working towards child development and need donations for the education
of children.

Tax Exemptions on Donation
As per the Indian Income Tax Act 1961, donations made to NGOs and charitable organisations are
eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G. An individual can claim either 100% or 50% of the
amount donated as a deduction, subject to the upper limit criteria. This deduction can be claimed by
any taxpayer, irrespective of whether they are a salaried employee or self-employed. This deduction
under 80G will be over and above the deductions up to INR 1,50,000 that are allowed under Section
NGOs and Trusts having 12A certificates issued by the income tax authority are entitled to 80G
certification. Though it is a one-time process, it is very intensely scrutinised by the authorities to
eliminate the chances of fraud.

Donate to Narayan Seva Sansthan and Make a Difference
Our dedicated and hardworking team works with families and individuals in vulnerable communities
and provides them access to education, nutrition, and care. Under our child education program, we
help children from such communities access basic education. From helping them get enrolled at
government schools to giving them admission at our Shiksha Kendra in Udaipur, we do not hesitate
to go the extra mile and serve mankind in whichever way possible.

Though we have several initiatives and efforts in place, your support can help us expand our reach.
There are multiple ways in which you can help fulfil our need for donations for child education and
even avail tax benefits for the same.
Narayan Seva Sansthan is registered under section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act. Anyone who
chooses to donate to our NGO is eligible for tax exemptions on the amount they donate. You will
immediately receive certification under the applicable section along with a receipt, which would
contain all the requisites for you to easily file your income tax return.

The famous saying, ‘What you give comes back to you’ comes true here as you give happiness in the
form of donations and get happiness in return in the form of tax benefits. Start contributing TODAY!

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