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Divyang Vivah 2019 by Narayan Seva Sansthan
  27 Feb'2019

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” The world appreciates the beauty of these words but still fails to abide by them. The idea of beauty for most of the people is the outer appearance of the people and therefore those who do not qualify the social standards of beauty are left behind in the society. Many people are forced to live a life full of loneliness because of their physical deformities, or their economic conditions.


The poor and disabled people face a lot of problems and one of them is not finding a life partner because of cruel norms of the society. Humans are social animals and their social needs are as important as their physical and economical needs. Having a family that is loving and supportive is not easy for these people but they need support and love more than everyone else. Narayan seva sansthan is one of the best charitable trusts in India and we help them find the perfect life partner with our initiative of free mass wedding “Divyang Vivah”.


Money, social status or physical abilities should not stand in one’s way of finding love in life and with this idea the free mass marriage is hosted by Narayan Seva Sansthan twice a year. Living life becomes easier with a loving partner by their side. They find beauty in each other’s imperfections and tie the knot in a dream event. So far, we have helped more than 1200 poor and disabled couples in finding love and we continue to host these mass weddings.


In a Hindu wedding, “Kanyadaan” is a very important ceremony and it is a privilege to perform it. Performing the Kanyadan of an under privileged girl is a very big charity in every sense. The couples that tie the knot in Divyang Vivah ceremony are provided with all the necessary household items as gifts in the Kanyadaan ceremony. The support provided by those who donate money and NSS helps the couples in handicapped marriage helps the couples to start their new lives with all the necessities in place. The donors that contribute for the Kanyadaan of poor girls are given the privilege to perform the ritual during the ceremony.


Your donations can help NSS in organizing the dream wedding of these couples; you can go for both offline donations and online donations. Their economic and physical conditions should not come in their way of having a supportive family. We all have to collectively empower them and make their lives a little easier with the help of a life partner.

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