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Disability Inclusion- Imparting Skills to People with Disabilities
  21 May'2020

Disability Inclusion

There is a famous saying by world-renowned American Activist, Lecturer, and Writer "Helen Keller" which goes like “Never bend your head, Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye".  There is no saying which can make the above golden words false. This world is truly a cruel place, if you let others walk over you, they will not wait and think for a second. They will take the opportunity & move forward. There is cut-throat competition in this world and the path of life, you will be truly fortunate if someone shows empathy towards you. So, when other people face such cruel hardships, just take a moment, and think about what persons with disabilities face every day. The negligence they face, the pain they tolerate, and they go through all these difficulties and many more not because of a fault of their own doing.

Plenty of people are born with some kind of disability or the other, and plenty of others go through tremendous misfortune and pain when such disabilities are inflicted upon them. But these people do not bow out of life so easily, instead, they take these difficulties as a challenge and strive forward to find happiness in life. But to be happy in life, people need money, as harsh it may seem, that is the brutal truth. People spend their earlier stages of life educating themselves of the various aspects of life, gathers knowledge, and learns skills that help them to earn a living and be financially independent. But the people with special needs are often cast aside in this race. Often, they are not given the proper care, they are not given the basic education and they cannot afford the luxury to learn the skills to earn them employment. Inclusion is the process of ensuring equal treatment and opportunities to everyone irrespective of their abilities, disability status, and special care needs. So, it is particularly important to include people with disabilities in the mainstream and give a healthy work environment for them. Today, many people come forward and offer a donation for disabled people that makes it helpful for them to gain the necessary knowledge or skills that they wish to learn.

Social Inclusion- Imparting Skills that empower Disabled people


1. Foundation Skills through Inclusive Education – These are the skills that a person learns in the primary stages of life. They pick up these skills from their early school years. They learn about the basics of mathematics, learn to do reasoning and problem solving, and become literate. These basic skills are required in every field of work.

2. Professional, Technical, and Vocational Skills – These are the skills that a person learns through special education to do a certain job. Be its basket making, carpentry, metalwork, shoemaking, tailoring, and weaving. There are more advanced technical skills like computer technology, engineering, medicine, and physiotherapy, these skills are also called professional skills. Such high-level professional skills require a higher level of education in technical institutions. They give formal training along with an official certificate and provide equal opportunities to adults with disabilities.

3. Business Skills – Entrepreneurial skills are vital if a person is looking to work in a field that requires successful management of money and people, it also requires proper scheduling and administrative skills. Under these skills, there are several other aspects of being an entrepreneur such as preparation of a business plan, the setting of achievable goals, analyzing the market, assessing the risk in the work and diligent solving of problems. These skills require one to be properly literate and possess a stable mind.

4. Core Life Skills – These skills are about one’s attitude towards others and his own life, basic knowledge about everything around us, and about things that are an integral part of our life. Skills such as how one communicates with the customers, how he presents himself to them adapting to different situations, attentive communication and listening, thinking out of the box, analytical thinking, and maintaining proper discipline also fall under core life skills. All these skills and many more are needed to be a proper gentleman, who is respected by all.

Ways to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities:

 With one’s hard work.
 Learning from his family as parents are the biggest teacher in a person’s life.
 Inclusive education
 Schools should provide employment skills by ensuring disability rights
 Self-help groups in which people with similar deficiencies find a good teacher and learn the necessary skills.
 Learning about the job after one is selected for it.
 Colleges and universities must promote diversity and inclusion through various skill training courses.

There are plenty of choices to choose from, these places take special care of the people with needs and provide the necessary tools so that the person can learn the required skills. But the most important attribute of all is determined, the fire in one’s heart. And, with the donations for skill development that people offer for the disabled, it has become much more convenient to learn new skills nowadays. The brighter it burns, the better the person will do in his life as he will be able to burn away all his difficulties and keep on moving forward without caring for the shackles on his feet.

At Narayan Seva Sansthan, we offer a skill training program for divyangs. We promote inclusion by providing people with disabilities with all the skills and tools they need to return in the normal path of society. We ensure disability rights so that Divyangs become self-dependent and are able to find happiness in their life. These people with special abilities might have certain physical or psychological shortcomings, but these people are an important part of society as they teach us that no problem is big enough to not be overcome. It is not that only they need to learn things about their surroundings, but there are plenty of things we as a civilization can learn from them.

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