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Divyang Vivah Samaroh
Two become one: Differently-abled couples tie knots at mass marriage ceremony
  10 Sep'2018

“I am Physically different but not less”


Finding love or a life partner is one of the biggest challenges for a physically disabled person in India. It’s very Difficult for the physically disabled people get married in India and almost negligible and those that are there also do not help handicapped people get married in India. A handicapped person can be facing from physical immobility, visual impairment and even hearing impairment in some cases. A person could become handicapped due to any reason, but this should not affect their ability to find love or a life partner.


This is proved by one of the biggest Ngo- Narayan Seva Sansthan. The NGO Narayan Seva Sansthan has arranged a ‘Free of Cost’ mass wedding of Physically Disabled couples.


The celebrations were brought alive by the presence of the family members and friends of the happy couples.


“Because of Narayan Seva Sansthan People feel a sense of pride” as seen by the amount of articles that have been written about marriage equality for people with disabilities in the last few days.


It was a carnival-like atmosphere at the Udaipur when NGO Narayan Seva Sansthan arranged the mass wedding of 52 couples, all hailing from underprivileged families and Physically Disable Couples; Besides, the hundreds of relatives of the couples, many more  including Donors  came to witness the weddings that have become an important highlight of the Disabled People. President of Narayan Seva Sansthan Mr. Prashant Agarwal and Entire Narayan Seva Sansthan Team, which arranged the mass wedding, said the ceremony began some years ago for couples were unable to marry simply because of physical Disability.


“That is why we started this initiative”. Over the years, more than 1349 couples have been married in the mass weddings. Despite the chaos and confusion that prevails, most families are happy with the arrangements.

The bride and groom and some of their relatives were seated in the hall where the rituals took place. “When the priest starts the prayers, the couples get up and circle the ceremonial fire at the center of the stage”.

The music, stages, and food are provided by the Narayan Seva Sansthan.

Everyone said they were enjoying the ceremony and had came to give a couple a moral support. A shaadi is a shaadi and friends and family have to be there. All the Disabilities is forgotten when happy couples tie the knot at the mass weddings.


There are a lot of problems with these responses. One is that when people hear “disability,” they seem to assume someone who is unable to care for himself and can give little to relationship. That is a very narrow definition of disability, and in this case it is wrong. They assume that disabled couples are less than other people due to his disability. This is an offensive view. And it is completely wrong.They have the same access as everyone else to the physical environment, transport, information and communications, and other facilities and services and Be included in the community equal opportunity and inclusion in education, effective measures to ensure the equal right of people with disability to work, including support for reasonable adjustments to be made to the work environment, an adequate standard of living.

Together, we hope they gain confidence, make wiser (and more independent) 'couple' decisions.... And when all this parental support is gone, they will still have each other. We hope they grow old together.


"There is no disabled love. There is only true love. And they have it."


For most, this is the best news they have had in a long time.

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