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COVID-19: Myths vs Facts
  16 May'2020

WHO has announced this coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic in February, since then everyone on earth is highly concerned about the issue. Everyone is worried and thinking about how to protect yourselves from this deadly virus called Corona Virus. There have also been fake remedies floating on social media so people don't know what to believe and what not. 

Every now and then netizens searching for information that they could prevent from this virus. But several platforms are giving multiple pieces of information and misleading people and junking their minds with fake news. The more this deadly virus is spreading the more rapidly rumors are spreading.


Here are some myths and facts which you should know about coronavirus.

1. Heat can stop coronavirus disease:-

Myth: It is said that summer will help prevent the spread of this disease, everybody now started to believe that summer will save their life from COVID 19.

Fact: WHO claims no such evidence that summer will help the disease to stop. The fact is many viruses can't spread in summer because heat makes them less powerful,   as because it is a new virus, scientists are not sure about this type of theory.

2. 5G mobile networks spread coronavirus:-

Myth: COVID-19 can transmit through 5G networks. But many countries where there is no existence of 5G networks have evidence of many cases of COVID 19.

Fact: COVID-19 spreads through respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. People can also be infected by touching a contaminated surface and then touching their eyes, nose, and face. So, it can be prevented by washing hands regularly and wearing masks to prevent the droplets from going out.


3. COVID 19 Kills:-

Myth: A person infected from COVID-19 will die.

Fact: More than deaths there are chances of recovery from this disease. Most of the people are surviving from the disease without any special care, only people with lung disease, kidney disorder, heart disease, and old age people are more susceptible to COVID-19. One who has recovered from this disease will not have the virus for their whole life.


4. Drinking alcohol Cures COVID 19:-

Myth: From the day WHO announced that using hand sanitizers can protect you from getting the virus, most people have started to believe that drinking alcohol can be helpful to kill these viruses in the body. This is a myth.

Fact: Alcohol will reduce your immunity and can be more harmful if you catch COVID 19.


5. COVID 19 doesn’t spread in a hot and humid climate:-

Myth: COVID 19 cannot be transmitted through hot and humid weather:-
Fact: This virus can transmit in all areas from the evidence so far. Living in a hot and humid area will not protect you from catching this virus. Only you can protect yourself by washing your hands properly and maintaining social distancing.


6. Hot showers can protect from this Coronavirus:-

Myth: Several people think that hot showers can prevent them from the virus. This is a myth.
Fact: Taking a hot bath can not protect you against this virus.  Your normal body temperature remains 36° to 37° regardless of the temperature of the shower. If you take a hot shower in hot and humid weather it can burn and may cause more health hazards. 
The only way to protect from this disease is to wash your hands frequently.


7. Novel coronavirus can not be transmitted through mosquitoes:

Fact: There is no evidence that it can be transmitted through mosquitoes, this disease spreads from droplets of cough and sneezing. The only way to prevent it is by washing your hands by alcohol-based rub or with soap and water.


8. Can hand dryers kill viruses in your hand?

Myth: Hand dryers can kill the virus
Fact: No, there is no evidence that it can kill the virus in your hands, the only way is again to wash your hands frequently.


9. Novel coronavirus affects Old age people:-

Myth: There is a theory that people with younger age can not get this virus, actually it's a myth

Fact: People of any age can be infected by this disease.


10. Can ultraviolet lamps kill the virus?

Myth: UV kills COVID-19
Fact: UV lamps should not be used on your hands as it can cause you irritation.


11. Can a thermal scanner help detect the virus in your body?

Fact: A thermal scanner can detect a person who has grown a fever and is sick, these are the primary symptoms of this disease. However, asymptomatic people who are carrying this virus can not be detected by this gadget. The only way is to call your health care if you have any symptoms and get a test.


12. Can eating garlic help prevent this virus?

Fact: Eating garlic can be useful in preventing many bacteria however there is no evidence of this theory that can protect you against COVID 19.


13. Can spray alcohol all over your body kill the virus?

Fact: No, spraying alcohol all over your body will not help you to prevent this virus. It can be very harmful to your clothes as well as your skin. Alcohol and chlorine can be used to disinfect a surface, not your body.


14. Rinsing your nose can prevent this virus.

Fact: Rinsing your nose with saline will not help you to prevent it against COVID 19.


15. Are there any medicines to treat this disease?

Myth: Hydroxychloroquine is the medicine for COVID-19
Fact: No, there are no medicines yet which can treat this disease. Although scientists are working hard to get one. But still, now patients are treated with supportive treatment.



As this disease has become a pandemic everyone is doing whatever they could do to protect from this virus. But the fact we should only listen to doctors and health care.

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