COVID-19: Mask Making & Food Distribution by Divyangs
Food Donation
COVID-19: Mask Making & Food Distribution by Divyangs
  27 May'2020

It does not always matter how much you can help others, but the intention is all that counts. Not many people are privileged to help others on a big scale, but still, they do their best. They contribute even the little ways they can and that shows the goodness and humbleness present in their heart. When a disaster occurs, such people stand out from the others. The people who have a golden heart does not care about the circumstances, but still, try to provide help in ways he can.


Let us see how the people with special needs or Divyangs are helping the people during these dire times of the Coronavirus pandemic.


The sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic sent the whole world into a whirlwind. Countries got a high amount of COVID-19 infections and many people died. Keeping this in mind, the Government of India announced a nationwide lockdown. This was a vital step in putting brakes on the infection rate. But this sudden announcement, though necessary, came as a huge burden on the whole nation. All workplaces, except the essential sector, came to a standstill and people were told to stay indoors as the deadly virus started to spread rapidly. Transportations stopped, so people were unable to move from one place to another. So, people were both out of work and were unable to go home. The people who suffered most because of this situation were the migrant workers.

Most of the people in India, who fall under the poverty line, relocate to bigger cities for jobs. While they are already challenged in terms of survival, the lockdown was an add-on to their miseries. Neither were they able to earn to feed their families nor were they able to travel back home for survival, putting them in deep trouble. Seeing their grave situation, various NGOs and other groups came forward to provide them with free food for survival. Among these groups, several people have disabilities. These people are the flag bearers of humanity.

We all know how difficult the life of people with disabilities is, the special needs they have, and the various special equipment they use so that they can the normal things like other people. These people did not let their special needs hold them back while doing this great service towards mankind. They helped the poor people who were suffering because of the situations around them and helped in their survival. This coronavirus pandemic has caused a huge number of causalities which keeps on increasing each day. The infections have been increasing by more than 5000 people every day for the last couple of days. But one must remember, however bad conditions we are in, it could have been much worse if the lockdown were not implanted and people did not follow social distancing.

The coronavirus has proven itself to be a highly communicable disease, so people were instructed to stay at home at all times. Because of the communicable nature of this virus, there was a sudden and huge requirement of masks and gloves. People started to wear masks so that, if they are infected, they do not infect the other person and it also protects them from getting infected from others.


Studies state that, if a normal person comes in contact with an asymptomatic COVID-19 patient and both are wearing masks, the probability of the non-affected person getting the virus is exceptionally low compared to other situations. This eventually spiked the demand for masks and a lot of people including mask manufacturers and NGO volunteers came together to serve the country. Divyangs also came forward and provided valuable help in making masks available to the normal public. They also helped us in Corona Relief Seva in preparing food that helps our volunteers 'NSS Mitra' in Free Food Distribution during the lockdown.

The origin of help should always be the love at the bottom of your heart and empathy that you feel towards the person you are helping. Then only will your act of help be of divine importance. Our Divyangs have shown what humanity truly means. They provided Free Masks and Free food to the hungry and poor to keep everyone safe. These acts have truly glorified all the human race.

At Narayan Seva Sansthan, we have always worked hard to provide a better life for people with disabilities. We give them a purpose to live and the tools so that they have a fruitful life. During this coronavirus pandemic, the NSS has played a small part in helping the people in need.

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