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Celebrating a Girl Child
  15 May'2018

The reason why Non Profit organizations have taken an initiative to promote activities of concern like charity for girls, donation for a girl child, girl child rights and protection, because a girl child in India has been a victim discrimination and humiliation when it comes to comparing her life with a sibling in the family who is a boy.


In our country the practice of child marriage is still in existence in many villages. Even the birth of a girl is considered to be an insult and a burden for the family, as the parents are supposed to earn and extra penny each day to collect dowry for their daughter. The girl child is not allowed to relish the status like her brothers in the family. She is kept deprived of education, health care and from any opportunity of growth by her own family.


Even while there are uproars about gender equality and saving the girl child, female infants are still found to be discarded and to be left abandoned while the fetuses yet to be born are often thrown away in the dump yards. A girl is ill-treated even before she is born and while she is into the grey days of her life. There are a lot of miseries and helplessness that she goes through in her life cycle. This is one of the most important reasons for the inception of causes like – charity for girls and donation for a girl child, in order to make them relish a status of equality and respect in the society.


Narayan Seva Sansthan, a non-profit organization has taken an initiative to empower the girl child from the underprivileged section of the society by offering them various resources which will help them to prosper and grow out of the situations that they were facing and which were proving to be a hindrance in their path of progress.  We have made them realize their importance.


We have taken the responsibility of educating the girl child and to impart in them the much needed traits of a versatile genius, such that when they grow, they have the freedom of choice to choose the field of interest and growing into it. Their curriculum is not just limited to the course books, but they are taught and trained for various other things, like public speaking, painting, music, handicrafts, dancing, musical instruments, writing, photography etc. We not just train them for these skills but we also evaluate their skills and education through various interactive tests, which help them to prepare and master their field of interest.


We have designed various skill development programs for girls that can help them to become independent and prosper in their life. The skill development programs include – stitching, computer repairing, mobile repairing etc. It is not just about imparting these training to these girls, but we also employ them into our organization and we help them to get placed into other organizations to earn their livelihood.


We being a non-profit organization, have been putting our every possible effort to bring about a status of respect, equality and acceptance for every girl in every society. We have a vision to liberate every girl child such that their very existence must be celebrated. We have raised funds for this very cause and there have been a lot of people who have given donation for a girl child and have supported our ambition of doing charity for girls.


  • We aim at protecting the rights of a girl child
  • We aim at educating every girl child in the country
  • We aim at preventing violations against girls
  • We aim at liberating and empowering girls, to lead an independent life


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