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Mental Health during Covid-19
Looking After Your Mental Health During Covid-19 Lockdown
  15 Apr'2020

While the world is shaken by a havoc coronavirus pandemic it’s getting tough to maintain our mental peace day by day. Everybody in the world is concerned about the ongoing situation and hoping the phase will soon pass. Deep inside in everyone’s mind there is a paranoia that is disbalancing our mental health. A recent study measured that our Mental Health during COVID-19 demonstrates significantly worse outcomes.  We should understand that getting in a panic mode will not help us to tackle the situation. Besides, it will harm your mental health and can be a cause to hamper the peace of your family members. So healthy steps should be taken that can ease your mind to get rid of anxiety and depression.


Here are some tips & advice that everyone should follow to take care of one’s mental health during the Covid-19 lockdown.

● An adequate amount of sleep:-

One should not hamper his or her hours of sleep during this period and should have a proper sleep daily. Researchers have found that unsound sleep affects your mental health and leads to depression. So one should sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.

● Spending time with your family:-

While everyone has no choice but to stay at home one should give his or her family some quality time. Often we complain that our work restricts us from our family, but finally, we have got the time when we have them 24hours beside us. So give your most loved ones your full time, this opportunity will never come back in the future. It will bring your family peace and strengthen your bond.

● Make a schedule:-

During this unprepared situation, everyone may think that lockdown where no bosses to tell you that you are late, you can sleep whenever you want, but these unprepared schedules will make you down. It will spike up your anxiety and depression far more. So you should stick to a routine where you sleep in a measured time and eat your meals at the right time.

● Make a good workout routine:-

Give time to your body to relax. A good workout routine will give your mind and body relaxation which will help you to cope with stress during the lockdown. A little yoga or meditation will keep your concentration intact and will help you focus on your as well as your family’s health. It will help you to reduce stress and calm your body.

● Talk to your friends:-

Talk to your friends by video call and chat with them. Share your stories, they will make you calm. Share your old memories with them, promise them that you will hang out when this will be over. This will give you and them a positive attitude towards this situation.

● Limit watching the news:-

Turning on the news channel and watching them continuously won’t make the situation better, rather it will stress your mind and make you depressed. Watching news 30mins a day can be okay but tuning all the news channels and watching the same news over and over again won’t help you deal with the Situation.

● Say no to addiction:-

Many people are taking addiction as a tool to get rid of the stress of the present situation. But this won't help you in the long run, one may feel less anxious while consuming them but it will make you more depressed. Besides, it will make your immune low which can make you catch the virus more easily and may end up with being a patient of COVID 19. So, say no to tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.

● Take good care of people with disabilities:-

Many people are suffering from many disabilities and in this situation, their sufferings can be very painful. So, we must look after them in this critical situation. They may not be our family members but we should take care of them and should look after their needs and make sure they are provided with food and medicines they require.

● Seek a Therapist:-

Many people are suffering from mental illness and in this time where healthy people are not able to cope with the situation, it will be tougher for those who are suffering from mental illness to handle this pandemic situation. So, they must get in touch with clinical psychologists and share with them their difficulties. Also, family members should be very careful while dealing with them.

● Stay away from rumors:-

While the whole earth is facing a stressful situation many people are busy to flourish their business. These are some media, news channels, social network sites, websites, YouTube channels and many more. They are publishing tons of fake news which is making people more anxious about this situation

So we must be very careful about believing the news. So, take precautions about what doctors are saying but do not spread or believe in fake news. It could be more dangerous than COVID 19



We must take care of our mental health during this coronavirus lockdown. This situation will be over someday but we must make sure that it won’t do any permanent damage that can cause ill results towards our society. So, be very relaxed and healthy. Stay safe and stay at home.

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