The gift of Kindness: Blood donation-Narayan Seva Sansthan
Blood Donation at Narayanseva Sansthan
The gift of Kindness: Blood donation drive at Narayan Seva Sansthan
  24 May'2018


Donating blood to help people is one of the noble things done by any human being. It is a complete safe process, unless done by professional medical centers or hospitals and is beneficial for both donor as well as Recipient. It is a vulnerable process performed after medical tests & physical checkups.

The requirement for blood donation is increasing day by day. Each year Millions of people need blood transfusions. Major Diseases like dengue, sickle cell anemia, certain types of cancers, surgeries, accidents, natural and man-made disasters etc have been the main cause for blood transfusions around the world.

Narayan Seva Sansthan – the Top Charity Organization, organized a “Blood Donation Drive” at Sansthan’s Manav Mandir Campus in which many individuals acted as helping hands to construct a more concerned society where various donors donate blood for helping injured or needy peoples.

Every Year India collects around 9 million bloods through blood donation camps. It makes 7% of human’s body weight. Each donation helps to save at least 3 lives. 

The President of Narayan Seva Sansthan Mr. Prashant Agarwal encouraged everyone to join the drive. “There is no substitute for human blood as it cannot be manufactured. Donating blood is a noble cause and a selfless act which helps save lives. Giving your blood to someone in need is a gift, and just as important as donating organs since it’s like offering someone a chance at life. Donating your blood to someone is one of the most positive ways to help someone in need,” he exclaimed.

There are several benefits to donating blood that helps to both donor & receiver like:


Proper blood flow for us

Repeated blood donations may help with proper blood flow. Stress and unhealthy diet can make your blood hypercoagulable. It essentially makes our blood thick and slow moving. Donating blood helps to release those extra toxins from human body.


Balance iron levels in Human Body:

Too much iron in our body is actually harmful. Our iron levels benefits greatly when we donate blood. Every unit of blood we donate, we lose about one-quarter of a gram of iron.


Improve someone else’s health

Our blood donation helps someone to dealing with cancer, bleeding disorders, and chronic anemia. Storing our own blood could be beneficial to us in the case that a compatible donor wouldn’t be available. So each drop of donation matters.


Countless lives are saved every day due to generous donors who give of their own blood for the benefit of others.

Life is precious and so is being a life-saver.



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