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Better Treatment, Better Health
Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings
  20 Sep'2018

The active society objective is about communication and driving social change. A key action is to articulate clear messages and make the social, economic, health and environmental benefits of being physically active and help them go viral. The NGO do this through aligning advice with national or local physical activity campaigns, echoing the messages which already exist. Consistent terminology and communication will build the momentum for people to gain knowledge and awareness of the benefits of Better Health across all world.


Your Donation and support would be a great resource to ease working towards “Better Treatment, Better Health”. If you want a more hands on approach to raising awareness of physical activity and benefits reaped from it, step outside and support Narayan Seva Sansthan and sponsors to organize appropriate events to get people more active by better treatment, support and promote Narayan Seva Sansthan more people becomes more and more ‘normal’ to #Be Active.


For Better Health, Sansthan is making places and spaces accessible and safe for people to do physical activities. The sustained population benefits from environmental changes which enable people of all cultures, life stages and abilities to enjoy being active should continue to build evidence across multiple cities.


Creating active people, where ‘More people active for a healthier world’ call to action. Every contact is an opportunity to support and encourage other people to be more active. Ensuring coordinated links between patients and resources in their community to promote Narayan Seva Sansthan “Better Treatment, Better Health”.


Programs and opportunities which create active people should be equally accessible for people of all ages and abilities. There isn’t going to be a one size fits all approach to increasing physical activity for each individual.

Ngo working for people who are unprivileged and poor people in every area of world, such as people who are below poverty line. By providing better treatment with “Free of Cost” all Divyang feel life-long confidence, motivation and skills to move across the population.


The final objective of Sansthan is to create “Healthy World”. Get as many people involved in efforts to “Better Treatment, Better Health” than we will definitely give Healthy Life to each and everyone in this world.


The mission is to “Ensure that all people have access to safe and enabling environments and to diverse opportunities to be physically active in their daily lives, as a means of improving individual and community health and contributing to the social, cultural and economic development of all nations”.

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