5 Things You Can do to Help Underprivileged Kids with their Education
5 Things You Can do to Help Underprivileged Kids with their Education
  30 Dec'2021

Moulding the future generation of India is one of the most quintessential things that the country needs to undertake. Parents always ensure that their kids get the best education; however, for the underprivileged kids, getting an education is a difficult thing, let alone the best education. Today, with NGOs coming up in the country, it has become possible for unfortunate kids to attain the much-needed education. And, there are many ways in which you can help them as well. Here are the top 5 things that you can do to help poor kids get the best education. 

  1. Make Monetary Donations

Making a monetary donation for education to Non-Governmental Organisations is one of the best things that you can do to help underprivileged kids. The amount you donate will not only help them gain an education but also aid them with necessities. Many NGOs organise drives and donation campaigns intending to raise funds for the education of underprivileged kids. Depending on your budget, you can make the donations and help dreams come true. The donations for children made to NGOs are used not only for education but also for other purposes like –

  • Food, shelter, and clothes
  • School tuition and fees
  • Medical care
  • Books and toys
  • Clean water


  1. Sponsor a Kid’s Education

Helping the needy is one of the most self-rewarding things that one can undertake. To help kids get the best education, you can sponsor their education. Depending on your financial limits, you can either sponsor one or more kids’ education. Making a donation for kids to charity is probably one or two things; sponsoring a kid’s education is a lifetime one. Many NGOs like ours accept donations for kids’ education. From sponsoring education on a monthly, quarterly basis to a half-yearly and yearly basis, there are a lot of options for you to sponsor a kid’s education. There are also special options like a donation for girl education, donation for specially-abled kids, etc., that you can check out. You can sponsor both in offline and online mode; with online mode, you will get an upper hand in sponsoring education for kids not only within the country but also internationally. 

  1. Tutor Underprivileged Students

One of the best things that you can do to help poor kids is to tutor them. Other than making a monetary donation for their education, you can donate your time as a tutor. You can teach them how to read, spellings, mathematics, cursive writing, current events, and so on. Apart from this, you can also teach them co-curricular activities like singing, painting, dancing, sports, etc. You can contact the Non-Governmental Organisations or the local schools and boards to check if they have an after-school program or club to teach unprivileged students. 

  1. Conduct a Book Drive

Necessities are a challenge for underprivileged kids. Apart from financial help, another thing that you can do as a donation for children and kids is conduct a book drive. You can donate your old textbooks, notes, geometry sets, etc., as well as ask your friends too to donate their old books and stationery. Adding to this, you can also donate storybooks and novels that will help students master the art of reading and improve their communication skills. Identify top-notch charity organisations like Narayan Seva Sansthan and donate your collection to them. Other than textbooks and stationery, you can also donate –

  • School supplies
  • Gifts for the holidays
  • New shoes
  • Coats, sweaters, and other cold-weather clothing
  • Musical instruments


  1. Become a Mentor

Tutoring a child and mentoring a child are two different things. Tutoring is where you teach students academics and help them in their education. Mentoring, on the other hand, is guiding kids towards their aim. You can help them stabilise their life and guide them towards betterment. Youths are easily misguided towards drug abuse, alcohol, and so on. As mentors, you can help them stay on the right path and leave all the bad habits. Apart from donationfor girl child education, Narayan Seva Sansthan offers social, economic, and physical rehabilitation centres that help youths and students in making their lives better. 

Kids and youths are the future of the country. Ensuring that every child gets more or less equal opportunities is something that we need to take care of. There are many bright minds out there that are not able to pursue their education because of financial constraints. With the tips listed above in the blog, your donations for education can help those minds get the best educational facilities. 

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