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5 Things about NGO Volunteering You Probably Aren’t Aware Of
  21 Oct'2021

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in India work tirelessly for improving the lives of the less-
privileged or specially-abled. Today, NGOs offer economic, social, and physical rehabilitation centres
that help people stand on their feet and create a future full of possibilities. For every NGO and
charitable trust, some volunteers devote their time to helping the specially-abled and less-privileged
section of the society.
NGO Volunteering Near Me: An Overview
A volunteer is someone who offers services to NGOs and charitable trusts. Volunteering activities
may differ from NGO-to-NGO and volunteer-to-volunteer. However, the most common volunteering
activities undertaking by the volunteers at NGOs are –
 Micro Volunteering
 Skill-based Volunteering
 Online Volunteering
 Emergency Volunteering
 Volunteering for Donation Drives (ration kit donation, medicine kit donation, etc.)
 Blood Donation Camp Volunteering
The Non-Governmental Organisations in India are always on the lookout for empathetic and
enthusiastic volunteers who can contribute time and skills to various activities/programs that the
charitable organisations undertake. Though many take part in volunteering activities and serve the
community at large; many still are sceptical about the same. This mainly happens because they are
not aware of the benefits of charity to the society that comes along with NGO volunteering. We
have listed down some things about NGO volunteering that you probably aren’t aware of.

Benefits of Charity to the Society: 5 Reasons for NGO Volunteering
1. Your Chance to Be a Role Model
Everyone searches for a role model in their life; you must have searched and found one too.
With NGO volunteering opportunities, you get the chance to become someone’s role model. When
you contribute your skills to charitable organisations, you help those associated with the NGO
develop skills and learn new things. Because of this, you become the source of motivation for them.
People look forward to learning from you; they come to you for advice, and so on. You become their
role model because you help them overcome hurdles like lack of resources for learning, giving wings
to their ambitions.  
2. You Undergo a Personality Development
A reason you should search for ‘NGO volunteering near me’ and take part in it is personality
development. NGO volunteering helps you in building interpersonal skills, thereby, accelerating your
growth in your career or even life in general. When you volunteer at charitable trusts, you develop
skills like becoming a good listener, a good speaker; better decision-making skills and good

leadership qualities. You also become more compassionate towards others and their needs. All of
these qualities together enhance your overall personality while helping you gain better self-
3. You Make a Difference in Someone’s Life
Knowingly or unknowingly, you make a difference in someone’s life. Your valuable contribution of
skills, time, etc., uplifts the specially-abled and less-privileged section, which in turn, uplifts the
nation. With NGO volunteering opportunities, you keep your gains in the backseat and focus on
helping the ones you are associated with. You inculcate qualities of teamwork not only in yourself
but also in the community, helping them develop as a whole. Your mindfulness and compassion help
in reflecting positive changes in people and make a difference in their lives.
4. You Get to Network with Many People
Another thing that you probably didn’t know about NGO volunteering is that you get to a plethora of
networking opportunities. NGOs conduct a lot of awareness activities and events. For the
same, NGOs keep looking for volunteers. If you willingly take part in these events, you will meet
new people, with whom you can share ideas; who will share their thoughts with you, opening a
scope of learning and networking for you. You may also find people who share common interests
and ideologies with you.
5. You Can Build a Career
Yes, you read that right. By volunteering in NGOs, you can build a career. Firstly, NGO volunteering
helps you in developing great interpersonal skills, which recruiters always look for. Secondly, while
volunteering, you will work with many people, manage and lead them. This gives you substantial
experience in working and managing people while ensuring teamwork. In some cases, NGOs send
recommendation letters to companies, helping you get your dream job.
Amongst all these, one of the things about NGO volunteering is that it makes you feel good. You feel
content and happy from the inside as you know that someone is leading a better life because of your
time and skill contribution.

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