15 Inspirational People with Disabilities
Inspirational People with Disabilities
15 inspirational People with Disabilities
  17 May'2020

The society we live in is a very materialistic one. It easily judges a person on his/ her physical appearance and makes a superficial idea about that person. Little does society help needy people; it refuses to accept a person who looks, walks, or even talks differently and consider themselves to be superior to the people with disabilities. But throughout history, various people have shown that their physical disability was not strong enough to break their will power and here we will learn about some of those inspirational people with excellent skills.

Famous People with disabilities in India

1. Sudha Chandran

Sudha Chandran

Sudha Chandran is an inspiring woman. When she was only 16 years old, she met with a horrific accident which resulted in the amputation of her right leg. She is widely known for her accomplishments as a Bharatanatyam dancer, she also acted in several films like Mayuri and Nache Mayuri. Once she said that “Once I stepped on the stage, I got my soul back”.

2. Ravindra Jain

Ravindra Jain

Born visually impaired, Ravindra Jain was a real achiever who showed that talent is all that it is needed to survive in the film industry. He had notable contributions as a singer, lyricist, and composer. One of his most famous work was his work for Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan. He was famously said that “ You will never be brave if you don’t get hurt, you will never learn if you don’t make mistakes, you will never be successful if you didn't encounter failure.

3. Arunima Sinha

Arunima Sinha

Arunima Sinha has earned many accolades for her inspirational bravery. In 2011, she lost her left leg after a train accident due to a scuffle with robbers. The circumstances could not put down Arunima as she climbed the Mount Everest with the help of her prosthetic leg. Arunima Sinha, in her book Born Again on the Mountain: a story of losing everything and finding it back has said that “No matter how great a loss, time always heals the pain, even though the scars remain.”


Famous Global People with Disabilities

1. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

The Father of Theory of Relativity was one of the most famous people with disabilities. He faced difficulty in learning and was not unable to speak until he was 3 years old. He faced major issues in doing the basic maths in school. Expressing himself by writing was also a mammoth task for him. One of his famous quotes was “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


2. Stephen Hawking

 Stephen Hawking

The person whose genius enables him to be named after Albert Einstein was Stephen Hawking. His works have been ground-breaking, to say the least. “A Brief History of Time” is one of his famous books. After he became paralyzed, he spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair. His view on life is evident from his quote “Life would be tragic if it weren't funny”.


3. George Washington

George Washington

If a person who suffered from dyslexia throughout his life can become the first president of the United States, then no PwD should ever be criticized or deprived of any opportunity as greatness lies within the soul. George Washington once said, "99% of failures come from people who make excuses." 


4. Helen Keller

Helen Keller

When Helen Keller was only 19 months old, she suffered an illness that the doctors were unable to identify at that time. This disease left her both hearing and visually impaired. These disabilities could not stop her as she became the first person with such problems to get a bachelor’s degree in arts. Such was her resolute that she said: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”


5. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt

When Franklin D. Roosevelt was 39 years old, he suffered a paralytic illness, which is now known as Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Because of this disease, he was unable to walk again and gave him a life in a wheelchair. He guided America in World War 2 and his leadership was applauded worldwide. He once famously said, “The virtues are lost in self-interest as rivers are lost in the sea”.


6. Frida Kahlo

 Frida Kahlo

The Mexican artist was a model of perseverance. Kahlo's disability did not stop her from becoming world-famous. When she was only 6 years old, she had polio which left her paralyzed. That virus caused severe damages to her legs. Her strong heart made her say “Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?”


7. Ludwig Van Beethoven

 Ludwig Van Beethoven

The famous German musician’s hearing became impaired in the later stages of his life. He succumbed to hearing disability by the age of 44 but this did not stop him from composing brilliant music. One of his brilliant work, the Moonlight Sonata has composed during this time and also 6 other symphonies. His passion for music can be seen when he said: “Music is a higher revelation than philosophy.”


8. Nicholas James Vujicic

Nicholas James Vujicic

When Nicholas was born, it was found that he had an exceedingly rare disease called phocomelia. This disorder caused him to be born without his four limbs, also known as Tetra-Amelia syndrome. This major disability could not stop him from being one of the most famous motivational speakers. The power in his heart is evident when he says, “If you can't get a miracle, become one.”


9. Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson

People with speaking disabilities are often overlooked for films as they are not able to deliver the dialogues like a normal actor. But then came Rowan Atkinson, who despite several rejections made a place of his own and his style gave Mr. Bean a permanent place in the audience’s heart. One of his famous quotes is “I love walking in the rain because no one can see me crying”.


10. Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve

Superman can be resilient to all kinds of injuries but the actor who played that hero was not. Christopher Reeve suffered a horrific horse accident in 1995 and his mobility was possible only because of powered wheelchairs. In 1998, he started the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation to enhances researches regarding injuries related to the spinal cord. He once quoted “At first, dreams seem impossible, then improbable, and eventually inevitable.”


11. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

One of the most famous action heroes of modern times suffered from severe dyslexia. This disability never stopped Tom Cruise from doing stunts which can make any normal person faint in a matter of seconds. He once said, “Nothing ends nicely, that's why it ends.”


12. Walt Disney


Walt Disney


Walt Disney was multitalented and was a pioneer in the American film industry. From childhood, he was a victim of dyslexia from his childhood and had difficulties in reading due to his learning disorder. Disney’s upbeat attitude can be clearly seen in his quote “It's kind of fun to do the impossible”.


Narayan Seva Sansthan has always worked and will continue its remarkable work for the specially-abled people. With its various programs that are well-complemented by the donation for orphans and the disabled, the objective of NSS is to give the differently-abled people a better chance for life.

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