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Organize Katha

Narayan Seva Sansthan, a nonprofit organization (NGO) along with providing healthcare to the differently-abled, it also focuses on promoting values of Indian culture as enshrined in some of the epics and scriptures. The NGO has been organizing expositions of Ramayana, Puranas, etc to spread the message of humanity from time to time all over the country and abroad.

You may also get it organized in your city/town/village. The sacred tales (Katha) that you may organize with the support of our organization are comprised of ShrimadBhagwad Katha, NaniBairoMayero, Shri Ram Katha, Katha Gyan Yagya, etc.

Some of the famous Katha that can be organized are:

Bhagwat Katha:

One of the Greatest Puranas in Hinduism is Shrimad Bhagwat, also known as Bhagwat Purana. It is Hindus' most sacred text and is highly respected by Lord Vishnu devotees. It's about Narayana, its avatars, and Lord Krishna 's comprehensive account. Listening to Bhagwat Katha is seen as the greatest cure for overcoming this materialistic world's miseries and attaining harmony in a lifetime. There's a very old tradition of listening to Bhagwat Katha with family and friends in sacred atmospheres


Shri Ram Katha:

Shri Ram Katha is a story about Lord Ram, Lord Vishnu 's seventh incarnation. Lord Ram teaches mankind in his rebirth the way to live the perfect life. Lord Ram is portrayed as an emblem of social justice. Shri Ram Katha is particularly important in modern times when it is necessary to stress the importance of duty and good behavior.


Nani Bai Ro Mayro:

Nani bai ro mayero is a story of a girl named Nani bai who gets married, but her family cannot afford the Mayra. Her father, known as Narsi Bhagat, was a poet-saint. People used to ask him, from where you will manage the Mayra. He said, "Lord Krishna will take care". Narsi Mehta used to worship Lord Krishna. On the day of Mayera, listening to his prayers, Shri Krishna Himself comes to the earth in a disguised form and brings a big Mayera. This shows the immense grace of God to the true devotees. This Katha explains to us the importance of human life and that the devotees should be put to good use and praises God for the welfare of life.

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