Donate Things to Charity- Donation Items to NGO Narayan Seva
Donate Things
In addition to financial donations that are made from your end to our organization for a noble cause, you, as a virtuous person may donate other items of daily/basic needs. These are:

Goods and Items

We will be delighted to receive your donation items like Stationery, Clothes, Food, Ration Kits, School Bags, Sporting Goods, Shoes, etc. You can donate things that foster the basic necessity of the poor.

Dry Ration Kits

Narayan Seva Sansthan provides Free and Complete Ration Kits to underprivileged communities. We serve the less fortunate ones with food supplies like wheat flour, pulses, cooking oil and spices etc. Each family is given a monthly supply of complete Ration Kit to make sure no one in their family remains hungry.


You can donate warm clothes,blankets, boots, shoes, maternity clothes etc that you’re not wearing anymore. Contribute some concern for urban area people. Be with us throughout the season to explore more ways for the betterment of the society

We believe in nurturing the future of individuals from the under-privileged segment.To share your contribution feel free to contact us for any other information you may need. We would be very happy to help you.

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