Request For Donation Box
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Request For Donation Box

Narayan SevaSansthan has started the initiative of installing Donation Box and we humbly request you to get the donation box installed at your respective business centres, shops, institutions, organizations, etc. These donation boxes would be provided to you by us. 

The amount as collected in the donation box would be completely utilized for the welfare of needy people. A representative (Ashram Sadhak/Branch Manager/Donors) of our organization would turn up at your concern and collect the cash deposit from the donation box and lock it in your presence. 


All the donations that will be collected from your organization and institutions will be used to treat differently abled people and corrective surgeries. 


The organization has hospitals with a capacity of 1100 beds, where patients from all over the country and world visit for their respective disability treatment and corrective surgeries. Treatment of differently abled people through corrective surgeries and making them stand and walk on their own. We also undertake surgeries of patients suffering from other congenital disabilities. More than 418750 such patients have successfully undergone corrective surgeries.

Narayan Seva Sansthan also takes care of daily diagnosis of 300 to 400 patients and successful conduction of 80 to 90 corrective surgeries of patients suffering from polio and other congenital disabilities.


The donation collected also helps Narayan Seva Sansthan to distribute various kinds of helping aid for the differently abled like 270553 wheelchairs have been distributed and 55004 Hearing aid has been distributed to people facing hearing loss or problems. 

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