Request For Donation Box
Request For Donation Box

Narayan Seva Sansthan has been working consistently to enable the creation of an inclusive society where everyone can find acceptance regardless of their roots. We have a number of initiatives in place to serve the differently abled and those from marginalised communities, helping them meet their daily needs and requirements. To run these initiatives, we majorly depend on public donations to fund our projects. As a part of our fundraising program, we have in place, a special initiative where we install donation boxes called the ‘Amrit Kalash’ at different commercial establishments and business centres, like shops, offices, organisations, etc., offering an easy way for people who wish to give back to society to make a donation for the handicapped and the needy.

The Amrit Kalash

What is basically a donation box for money that people may want to give to those in need, the Amrit Kalash is a part of our passive fundraising program. People can make a donation in the box at your establishment, all the collection from which will Go towards helping differently abled people from the weaker sections of society and to provide free corrective surgeries, medical care, and health support aids to them.

A small step from your side, of installing the Amrit Kalash donation box for charity donations at your establishment, can go a long way in helping us further our cause for helping those in need.

The Power of Your Donation for the Handicapped and the Needy

Narayan Seva Sansthan provides diagnosis to almost 300-400 people and conducts around 80-90 corrective surgeries for the differently abled, every day, free of charge. Our network of hospitals offers treatment and corrective surgeries for physical as well as congenital disabilities to those in need. We have 1100 beds available, where patients from all over the country and the world get access to the healthcare and aid that they need.

Donations for the handicapped collected from the Amrit Kalash also go towards initiatives by Narayan Seva Sansthan, under which we distribute different helping aids to the specially abled.

When someone makes a donation in the box, whether it’s big or small, they become part of a cause and help change someone’s life for the better. To date, we have performed more than 426850 successful corrective surgeries, helping patients build a better future and have distributed 275203 wheelchairs and 55029 hearing aids to people with hearing problems or hearing loss.

Play a Part in Building a Better Future

If you too want to do your bit for those in need by giving back, all you need to do is get in touch with us to get our charity donation box, Amrit Kalash installed at your establishment. You can choose a location for it, where you think a maximum number of people will be able to notice and access it.

Once in a while, a representative volunteer from Narayan Seva Sansthan will visit your establishment to collect the money from the donation box. The amount will then be put to use to fund campaigns for the welfare of the needy. A small effort from your side can prove to be a big step in the right direction, helping us raise funds through donations for the handicapped.

The Difference You Can Make

The funds for charity collected through the donation box will go towards helping differently abled people from the marginalised communities of our society get access to free of cost treatment and corrective surgeries and for meeting daily needs. Our aim is to help them improve their lives and build a better future.

Here are a few of the other initiatives we have in place to help people from underprivileged communities, which are supported by the donations we receive:

  • Food Distribution: For a lot of people from the underprivileged sections of society, even daily meals seem like a luxury, which is why we work hard to ensure that no one has to go hungry.
  • Healthcare: Many disabilities can be cured with the help of corrective surgeries. However, many people today are unable to even afford daily, let alone opt for expensive treatments. Charity donations at Narayan Seva Sansthan also go towards providing free healthcare to these people.
  • Skills Training: Our long-term goal is to help these people lead a better life and become a part of the society we all live in. Narayan Seva Sansthan also runs skills training centres where we offer different kinds of courses free of cost to those in need. We offer include sewing, art & craft, computers, mobile repairing, and many more training courses to enable the underprivileged to find gainful employment.
  • Mass Wedding: We also organise mass wedding ceremonies for the specially abled people who belong to the underprivileged communities, so they too can enjoy their special day.

Join us in our mission of serving those in need. Become a part of the ‘Amrit Kalash’ initiative. Send us your details and we will get in touch with you soon.

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You can make donations for handicapped or differently-abled people by giving monetary support so that the money can be utilised in their treatment to lead a better life. Narayan Seva Sansthan’s initiative of installing a donation box is a positive move towards the welfare of needy people.

The charity donation box is an initiative by Narayan Seva Sansthan wherein a donation box is installed at your respective business centre, institute or organisation and the money collected will be utilised completely for the treatment of differently abled people and corrective surgeries. The money collected through the charity donation box is also utilised for providing various kinds of aid to differently-abled people.

Making an online donation is very easy. To help the needy live a better life, you can donate money as per your choice in the donation box and be rest assured that the money will be utilised entirely for providing aid and treatment to the differently-abled and in corrective surgeries.

Yes. Making a donation for the right cause is a very good deed. You can make a donation of your choice in the Donation Box set up by the Narayan Seva Sansthan. The entire money collected via the Donation Box will be utilised for the treatment of differently-abled and their corrective surgeries.

Make a donation box since having a secure, up-to-date, and on-brand donation page makes it easier for contributors to support your nonprofit’s work. A donation page is a web page where people may make a gift to your cause in an easy and secure manner. A polished contribution website may help you create credibility and build confidence with your contributors.

For over three decades, Narayan Seva Sansthan has helped millions of people. Donors can donate as much money as they want to the chosen cause at their convenience, because of the availability of the cash donation box.

Nonprofits cannot rely primarily on mailed-in donations or cash donations at events. Multichannel fundraising is becoming the most popular method of soliciting donations. You can (and should!) add a cash donation box so that it becomes easier and more convenient for people to make donations of their own free will.

You can install an NSS donation box to ask for the contribution for handicapped people. The money that gets collected in your donation box will be used by our NGO for the treatment of differently abled people and to fund their corrective surgeries.

You can get our donation box installed at your respective business centers, shops, institutions, organizations etc. The amount collected in the standing donation box gets utilized by our NGO for the welfare of needy people.

There is no thumb rule to define how a particular charity is better than others. You should donate to the cause you believe in the most. At places, you can find a donation box to support the charity or cause, you have faith in.