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Service Camps 

On the early years of the origin of Narayan sewa its major service activity was to organize camps for free distribution of Raton, Clothes, and Medicines etc. to the poor, disabled and needy people residing in far-flung rural areas in habited by the tribals. Many viewers may be knowing that Rajasthan is regularly cursed by the drought or famine once in every 3-4 years. The aged women, children and sick people are exposed to very severe hardships during famines. The Sansthan accepts such challenges on every occasion and rushes free supply of food grains, clothes etc. to the needy people.

The record of achievements in this area are self speaking
Service Camp Service Camp Service Camp
Distribution of Sweater to the
Students by Smt. Vandana
Agarwal director n.s.s.
To Serve food to needy and
poor Families
Distribution of biscuits packet
Service Camp Service Camp Service Camp
Distribution of blanket by
Smt. Vandana
Agarwal director n.s.s.
Distribution of blanket by
Prashant Singhal
Organising Secretary n.s.s.
Distribution of flour Packets to
needy people
Special camps are also organized in different parts of India for identifying polio patients and their subsequent free operation at Sansthan’s polio hospital at Udaipur.
Service Camp
Polio Diagnosis Camp
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Narayan Sewa Sansthan (Trust), Udaipur, Rajasthan, India