Rehabilitation Of Handicapped, Schools For Disabled, Mentally Retarded Children


Caring for the Orphans 

In this part of Rajasthan there is large population of the tribals, who live in far- off inaccessible areas and are much behind the doors of development and progress.

Among the tribals “ NATA-PRATHA” is very common. NATA-PRATHA – a social evil where after the death of husband the wife goes away to live with some other man leaving the children behind as ORPHANS.

Since the year 1990 the Sansthan has been running an Orphanage “ Bhagwan Mhaveer Nerakshit Balgrah “ to take care of such orphan children. Having capacity of 100 children, this orphanage takes care of children, food, clothing, education and needs of daily routine upto the age of 18.yrs. Over 600 orphan children have been taken care of and sent back to the main social stream.
Children Activities Children Activities
Bhagvan Mahaveer Nirashrit Balgrah Bhagvan Mahaveer Nirashrit Balgrah
Children Activities
Balgrah Children Celebrate Picnic
The Sansthan also runs a RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL for the mentally retarded, Deaf ,dumb and visually impaired children. The school has a team of trained and expert teachers to teach these children “with special needs” the basic skills of day to day life and lessons in basic competencies.
Children Activities Children Activities
Residential School Residential School
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