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A non-profit service oriented voluntary registered organization committed for the all round development
& rehabilitation of the disabled-particular the polio afflicted & those born with disabilities.


The Sansthan has, till now, rendered following service, totally free of cost, for welfare and upliftment of the poor, aged, women, children and the disabled- (the figure as on Date October, 1985 to March, 2014)

Narayan Seva Sansthan Free Services, Up-to-date/Latest Achievements

Polio Operation (Number) 1,90,000 Distribution of Crutches (Number) 2,30,205 
Treatment of Patients (Number) 5,64,832 De-addiction of People (Individual) 26,318
Description of Medicines (Rupees) 2,14,42,850 Distribution of Sewing Machines 2,024
Distribution of Clothes (Number) 2,10,35,125 Distribution of TriCycles (Number) 1,20,356
Distribution of Food grain (Kg.) 1,06.55,312 Distribution of Hearing Aids (Number) 48,320
Service of Patients Meals 1,26,82,820 Distribution of Calipers (Number) 1,98,875
Residential School Boy's Capacity 100 Distribution of Vegetables on Carriage 1,251
School Bags for the School Students 23,110 Business Training (Physically challenged) 1,068
Benefitted Students in Bhagwan Mahaveer Orphanage Hostel 949 Marriage of Physically Challenged (Couples) 825