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A non-profit service oriented voluntary registered organization committed for the all round development
& rehabilitation of the disabled-particular the polio afflicted & those born with disabilities.

Treatment of Polio at a Glance

‘Narayan Seva Sansthan’ provides ‘free of cost’ facilities to the patients admitted in various hospitals of the organization. It includes, free of cost diagnosis, laboratory tests, corrective surgery, plastering, medicines, aids & appliances and food to the patients and their attendants their stay at the Hospital of the Organization.The staff members are dedicated to provide polio survivors with skilled and compassionate care to enhance their function and improve the quality of their life. A well-organized ‘Narayan Seva Sansthan’ founded by Dr Kailash Agarwal ‘Manav’, fulfills the needs of poor physically challenged patients. It is a state of the art set up for poor and needy physically challenged patients. The aiming is to make cure people and help them to getting rid of polio disease. Over 1,32,000 polio affected patients, many of them by birth, have been successfully operated so far at the Sansthan.