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& rehabilitation of the disabled-particular the polio afflicted & those born with disabilities.

Success Story

Sansthan's Move towards Self-dependence of the Handicapped
They related their woes …… We shed our tears

Glory of the 'Almighty' is boundless

Generally, a person is punished for the mistakes he or she has committed, But....a child before having a glimpse of this beautiful world and before understanding the definition of an animal bears the weight of 4 legs in his mother's womb, Is the child responsible for the same? As far as we know, the child is not at all responsible for it. A living creature never wish to take birth and this is the reason, for which he cries at the time of his birth and the world never allows him to leave, hence, it cries at his death.Lord Vitthal removed the hump of ‘Kubja’ through his feeling of compassion and to examine the human compassion, setting on the earth with 4 feet in form of Vitthal. The said examination paper passed through the hands of thousands and lakhs of people. Some saw it, some read it while some others understood it, but the person giving the answer to the question was...The great question was answered by Mr. Prashant Agarwal of Seva Parmo Dharma (trust) and ‘Narayan Seva Sansthan’. He decided to go for the treatment of Vitthal, a one and a half year old child of Muraina town of Madhya Pradesh.Many donors came forward to make their respective contributions for this noble cause. Mr. Prashant Agarwal sent Vitthal to Narayan Hridayalaya, Bangalore and got his 'Free of Cost' corrective surgery conducted successfully over there.Today, the family members of Vitthal convey, from the deepest corners of heart , their sincere greetings to Seva Parmo Dharma (trust) and ‘Narayan Seva Sansthan’ respectively.

A new life of hope..

Affected by a serious disease like Elephantiasis, at a young age of 18 years, Vivek, enduring the laughter of his friends and censure of his family members, was moving towards death. The said disease gradually spreads over the entire body and puts a person to death. His father was the only earning member of the family, but he, too, had left for his heavenly abode when Vivek was very young. By the age of 18 years, the said disease made him completely unable to move. The serious disease and the absence of his father always made him disappointed. Due to the disease, his feet were becoming bulky ‘day by day’. The economic condition of his family was very poor. In such circumstances, the disease was a matter of great concern for the family and the other reason was that the elder brother of Vivek was also suffering from the same disease. Vivek wandered from place to place and the doctors suggested for the amputation of his legs and the expences to be incurred on surgery was disclosed as Rs. 5 Lacks. He was also told by the concerning doctors that there was a very little chance of his survival, if he didn't go for amputation. Mr. Prashant Agarwal heard his grievance and assured him to fulfill the responsibility of his treatment. He started making his efforts, so as to save his life and his legs from being amputated. The main hurdle on the way was the want of money. With the efforts of Mr. Prashant Agarwal and with the valuable contribution of honorable donors, Vivek was operated upon at Amrit Laserand Cosmetic Surgery clinic. According to the initial conjecture, the surgery of his legs was to take place in 3 stages at an expense of Rs. 6 Lakhs.The first corrective surgery took place in the month of January, 2010 and his body started producing positive response. Now Vivek is extremely happy and leading a normal life.

Amit – Got rid of a hellish life……

A 'Ten year' old Amit from Vaishali, Bihar was forced to bear the absurd of destiny as he was suffering from the ailment of urinary bladder. The curse of this disease departed him from his own brothers & sisters…. A painful and stinking life. A father, who was unable to bear the expenditure of 8 Lakhs of Rupees for the treatment of his beloved son was compelled to pray for the death of his son, whose life was worsened ‘day by day’…..The 'Free of Cost' corrective surgery of Amit was made possible with the combined efforts of Seva Permo Dharma (trust) and ‘Narayan Seva Santhan’, Udaipur. The surgery of the urinary bladder of Amit took place at a hospital of Coimbatore by a team consisting 20 experienced surgeons .The surgery continued for 15 hours and an artificial uninary bladder was imputed inside his body. The humanitarian definite intention of Mr. Prashant Agarwal brought smile on the face of the innocent child. After getting rid of Amit's sufferings, his family members are of the view that the ‘Almighty’ , no doubt, resides in heaven, but few people, through their good and noble deeds, discloses as if, the “Almighty” is here itself on the earth.

A true picture of “Lord Shiva”

'Where there is a will, there is a Way' Although it is an ordinary proverb, but a warrier like child Shiv Nayak made it effectual. Shiv Nayak was born in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh,India. It was destiny's fate that he had no hands, since the time of his birth. The happiness of the birth of a male child in the family soon vanished and the entire family members became dejected. When Shiv grew little older, his childhood heart started filling up with great sorrow, when he watch his friends playing. He could only observe darkness around him. He used to fight with the 'Almighty' and ask him,” Why you have given me the birth with such abnormity? His parents left no stone unturned for his treatment,but in vain, due to lack of financial funds and proper help. A resident of his village used to visit 'Narayan Seva Sansthan', every ‘now & then’. He briefed his parents about the 'Free of Cost' service activities of the Organization and advised them to consult the President of the Organization, in this regard. The helpless parents, empty handedly, but with an optimistic view, made their appearance at the Organization and met its president Mr. Prashant Agarwal and briefed him about their anguish. Mr. Agarwal consoled them and assured that the Organization would take the entire responsibility for his treatment.Thereafter, artificial hands were provided to them by the Organization and proper arrangements were made for his 'Free of Cost' lodging and boarding facilities at 'Apna Ghar', Seva Permo Dharma (Trust), Sec.14, Udaipur.At present, Shiv is an intelligent student of 8th Standard and writes with the help of his feet. He fulfills his daily routine activities, in the same manner.In his own words, 'Now I treat myself to be much more competent in comparison to a normal child. There is no activity, that I cannot perform'. Someone has rightly said 'Where there is a Will, there is a Way'. Now, Shiv moves forward with aspiring spirits. He is a source of inspiration for other children.

Ishwar is no more a burden now

The joy of having the first child in the family…..soon vanished when they came to know that I became a polio victim at the age of two years. This suffering made my father almost mad….I was taken to places like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat, for treatment but all in vain. One day, my uncle who had heard about ‘Narayan Seva Sansthan’, brought me to Udaipur. The corrective surgery of my leg took place on 1.10.1997. I was operated upon four times ‘Free of Cost’ at the hospital of the organization. I stayed there in the hospital for four months and was provided every facility ‘Free of Cost’. The organization made me financially and socially self-dependent by recruiting as a receptionist at the Organization itself.

Their Story in their own word Raju becomes an inspiration, even though he is deprived of his legs

He is deprived of his legs since his birth. He completed his schooling and college education as a regular student and won many prizes at school and at college level in debate, essay-writing, slogan making and dance competitions. He completed his diploma in computers by securing 78% marks. Even without legs, he has given over 600 dance performances.

He has been associated with ‘Narayan Seva Sansthan’ since long back. He is an inspirational source for other physically challenged brothers & sisters.

At present He is posted at the Organization itself and receives the respective guests at the reception room of the Organization. He also inspires other physically challenged persons and motivates them to lead a life like other ordinary people. He thinks himself to be fortunate enough to be associated with the Organization.

With high spirits, there is nothing impossible to achieve Tough journey of a handicapped to become a physiotherapist

Shesharam was born on February 2,1972 in an ordinary family. His father was a farmer by profession. Four years after his birth, Shesharam became blind due to lack of vitamin ‘A’.Sesharam was deprived of treatment due to the poor economic condition of his family. He remained illiterate till the age of thirteen years.

Shesharam's brother used to work in Ahmedabad. He got Shesharam admitted in Navrangpura, Ansala Blind School. After studying in Blind School till 14 years Shesharam took a course in physiotherapy from Blind Triple School, Vastrapur.One of his well wishers advised to take him to ‘Narayan Seva Sansthan’,Udaipur which is inspired by and pervaded with feeling of service. Shesharam was married to a blind girl. Though Shesharam is blind even though, he is happy in serving the Organization by working as a physiotherapist since his recruitment on July16, 1997.In the own words of Sesharam, "I see the physically challenged through eyes of God. I thank the ‘Almighty’ for giving me this marveolous opportunity chance to serve these people."

Both handicapped Mangi lal and his family are happy

After being a handicapped person for 35 years, now I am happy….The eyes of, Mangi Lal Mochi S/o Late Mr. Shivlal Mochi, A resident of Hiran Magri, Udaipur, fills with tears, whenever he realise about his polio affected life.

He came in the grip of polio when he was merely a year old child.

Everyone was worried…what will happen in his future life….he would be a burden for others for the rest of life ….but thanks to ‘Narayan Seva Sansthan’…He got an opportunity to serve the Organization…is busy in making calipers for his other physically challenged brothers & sisters for last years. He considers himself fortunate enough to help them.

Journey of an eight-year old Handicapped…to become plaster technician

He is a son of poor parents. He was physically challenged. Only darkness could be witness around him… . His father left him and his family when he was needed by them the most. His mother worked in the fields of other people to feed the family. As an infant at the age of merely 8 years, he left home in search of work and came to Udaipur. On his way, he went through a board and came to know through it ‘Narayan Seva Sansthan’. He came to Udaipur and was operated here ‘free of cost’ at the hospital of the Organization. After the corrective surgery he was provided with the pair of crutches ‘free of cost’. He met the Founder & Chairman Mr. Kailash 'Manav' and expressed his wish to serve in the Organization. He was provided with residential accommodation at Balgrah. The Organization left no stone unturned in making him self-dependent. As he grew older he developed more interest in his work. Today he is engaged at the Organization as a technician and plaster the legs of physically challenged persons after their respective corrective surgeries.