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A non-profit service oriented voluntary registered organization committed for the all round development
& rehabilitation of the disabled-particular the polio afflicted & those born with disabilities.

Caring for The Orphans

A large population of rajasthan resides in remote trible areas and are deprived of development and prosperity.

Among the tribals “ NATA-PRATHA” is very common. NATA-PRATHA – a social evil where after the death of husband the wife goes away to live with some other man leaving the children behind as ORPHANS.

Since 1990, the Organization is maintaining an Orphanage namely “ Bhagwan Mahaveer Nerashrit Balgrah “ for taking care of the orphaned children. Having capacity of 100 children, the orphanage takes care of children by providing them ‘free-of-cost’ facility of food, clothing, and education and other needs of their daily routine up till the age of 18 years. Over 600 orphaned children have been looked after and have been connected with the main stream society.

The organization also maintains a “Residential School” for mentally retarded, deaf & dumb and visually impaired children. The school has a team of trained and expert teachers who are dedicated in teaching these children with the basic skills of ‘day to day’ life and teach them about basic competencies.